Akira lipe travel เช่ารถพร้อมคนขับ

Rent a car with a driver

Off-road car rental

Akira Lipe Travel is a car rental company for traveling around Thailand with a driver for your convenience. A car rental is a private vehicle that is available to you according to your desired distance. without limitation of location, And you can choose the type of car as you wish.

minibus เช่ารถพร้อมคนขับ
car type
Toyata Majesty 9 seats
VIP van 9 seats
Minibus 17 seats
Within Songkhla (10 hrs./day)
2,500 baht
2,000 baht
4,000 baht
Upcountry (10 hrs./day)
3,000 baht
2,500 baht
4,500 baht

Conditions for booking!

  • This price is only for daily car rental (10 hours/day) with a driver!
  • This price does not include fuel, parking, or other expenses related to travel. (When the car picks up the customer, there will be a full tank of fuel.)
  • Working period: 10 hours from the customer’s appointment time. (You can start counting at any time of the day. but must not exceed 24:00 that day for one day’s use.
  • Overtime rate: 300 baht per hour (more than 10 hours per day).
  • Limited number of travelers (Majesty no more than 8+1 person)
  • a deposit of 50% of the car rental service fee in advance, with the remainder paid on the day of travel in respect of fuel costs and other travel expenses paid according to actual usage after the trip ends.
  • Cancellation or postponement of travel after deposit Must notify the company 7 days before the trip; the company will return the deposit. If notified less than 7 days in advance, the company reserves the right to return the deposit.
  • In the case of overnight stays in other provinces, The tenant must either provide accommodation for the driver or pay an additional 600 baht per night for the company to provide accommodation for the driver himself.
  • Please book in advance 24 hours before your travel date or festival. 3 days of public holidays